Audioviosual, videogames and VR.

Welcome to the place where nothing is impossible. Just tell me what you need and when you need it.

I'm specialized in project direction and production.

My job is to develop projects from scratch and to keep them alive during production, solving issues, keeping the team motivated and proactive and many other pre, pro or post - production tasks in film or games, as well as a having Networking and event planning skills.
The term problem solver really suits me. I work well under stress, and I'm the person you want in your team when things go to hell.

I'm a vocational producer, fueled by the passion and love for my job.

To convey dreams and experiences, to see how projects grow and take shape, to provide quality to the time we dedicate to ourselves makes me really happy.
Please, check the quality of my projects and work in my demo reel ---->>>

I'm a romantic. I love to discover new places, movies, games...

I'm a dream hunter, I really enjoy the little things, like a good coffee in an open space, or spending time with my pets. Movie theatres have always been my best friends. As a side note, I was selected as an up and coming film making talent from Europe and Latin America by the Malaga Talent programme from Antonio Banderas, where I had the opportunity of sharing my experience with Bayona, Guillermo del toro...

If you are looking for a professional with tenacity and dedication, knowing that your project is in good hands...

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Creating new worlds and stories for advertising, video clips, movies... is amazing.
Actually delivering a finished product based on such ideas, hitting deadlines and milestones, not going over budget and with the right cast and locations, that is a whole different story.
Preventing the ship from sinking and commandeering it through storms are my strengths.


Keeping the team united and motivated, adapting to frequent changes, solving unexpected issues, hitting deadlines, taking care of the quality of the art and the code, managing voice acting...
Taking care of every little detail without missing dates and the budget is key for developing a quality product without wasting resources. That is my goal.

Voice acting

The ugly duckling for both previous industries.
I'm an active professional voice actor and narrator, and I also know the needs of film and games in terms of voice acting and narration. I have my own portfolio of performers and studios, so no need to look for external resources.

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3D Modeling

Social Media

Video editing

Photography and design

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